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Seeking Innovation

Engaging Students

With retention as a top priority of the College, the Student Life division is actively working to identify areas in which we can increase student satisfaction. Through our many discussions with students over the last year we have hit upon a reoccurring theme, a desire for campus vibrancy! While they may not all describe it the same way, students are looking for a way to be engaged and enjoy being a part of what they see as a quintessential "college experience." In the coming year, we will continue to develop initiatives that capture the energy on campus and connect students to one another and the college.

Current and Upcoming Retention Initiatives include:

  • Quadside weekend programming
  • Student Organization Adopt-a-weekend
  • Campus Life departmental collaboration
  • Creation of Campus Life Coordinator positions
  • Special Interest Communities

Improvement Focused

Simmons College has been educating women in the professions since 1899. While we value tradition, we do not simply do things "the way they have always been done." We evaluate, refresh, and improve our programs so that they are the best they can be. We value staff members who feel energized by bringing their own ideas to the table and helping us give students the best experience possible!

Current and Upcoming Improvements include:

  • Mesick & Simmons Residence Hall renovations
  • Improved roommate connections
  • Spiritual Life residence resources
  • Program assessment

Technologically Driven

With each entering class of students more technologically savvy than the last, offices can not afford to be stagnant with their processes or communication. We value innovation and are excited about utilizing emerging technologies to improve efficiency and our student's campus life experience.

Current and upcoming technology initiatives include:

  • Housing Selection websites
  • RA & Professional Staff wikis
  • Online housing applications
  • Online housing selection
  • Cloud computing for cross departmental collaboration
  • Campus Life Facebook Fan Page