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Investigating the science of behavior

Simmons's highly respected Behavior Analysis programs provide a rigorous and highly supported academic experience, with an emphasis on innovative research and approaches. Simmons offers a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis, accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis International. Our Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis offers advanced training, positioning qualified behavior analysts to make significant contributions to the field and the community.

Behavior Analysis

"The mentoring aspect of the program is really rigorous, and it shaped me into a more confident practitioner. It required me to apply the theories that we learned to new situations and to think on my feet. Now, every day, I use at least one thing that I learned at Simmons."
—Lyndsey Nunes '11 M.S. Special Education, '10 M.S. Behavior Analysis; B.S. Worcester State University
Life Skills Teacher, Ludlow Public Schools, Ludlow, MA

Simmons's innovative Behavior Analysis programs respond to a national/international need for board-certified behavior analysts, educators and counselors with formal training in behavioral principles, and graduate programs that focus the applications of behavior analysis. This program covers the methods, principles, and procedures of applied behavior analysis, with an emphasis on using behavior analysis and behavioral support in multiple education and human service settings. The master's level course sequence is approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board™ and meets the coursework requirements for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst™ (BCBA) examination. Coursework includes topics such as behavioral assessment, descriptive analysis, demonstration of functional relations, measurement and intervention tactics, data display and interpretation, selection of target behaviors and goals, family issues, legal and ethical issues, and crisis management.