Please note that the URLs to specific forms listed below can all be found on the Forms page.

For more information, you may also wish to visit the Courses & Registration page.

Registration Questions

How do I register?

Registering for classes on AARC (Academic and Administrative Resource Center): To log into the Academic and Administrative Resource Center (AARC), go to This will bring you to the Simmons Connection homepage.

You will then enter your Simmons username and password.

At the upper left-hand corner, click on "AARC"; once in, click on "Student".

Then click on "Search/Register for Sections". You are now ready to sign up for classes!

Or for more detailed instructions, visit Online Registration.

What is AARC?

AARC (Academic and Administrative Resource Center) is used for online registration by all students at Simmons College. Additionally, AARC is where students can go to obtain a variety of information, e.g. course schedules, links to the Registrar's Office and Student Financial Services, etc. AARC will be a primary resource for you during your academic studies at GSLIS.

NOTE: To access some sections of AARC, your Simmons user ID and password is required.

During online registration, there will be GSLIS staff available in the PTRC to assist you. You are also encouraged to contact with any registration-related questions. This email account is actively monitored during the entire registration period so you are ensured a quick response to your registration questions or concerns.

Upon completion of your course registration, you can leave your Advising Statement with GSLIS staff in the PTRC who will turn it in at the SSC. If you would like a copy of your Advising Statement, please go to the SSC (room P-212, 2nd floor, Palace Road Building). Staff there can make a copy for you and will keep the original for your student file.

Can I change advisors or academic programs?

Yes. Print a Change of Advisor form, available on the Forms page. Once completed, submit this form at the front desk in P-111, the GSLIS Administrative Office or mail it to GSLIS in Boston.

If you are changing your academic program (for example: to or from general, archives, or school library teacher), you are also encouraged to change your advisor to a faculty member better suited to offer guidance in your new area of focus. Students moving into or out of the SLT or Archives programs are required to change advisors.

How do I drop/add a class?

Add/drops can be done through AARC. Log in to AARC for information.

What happens if I add or drop a course—will I lose money?

Refunds depend on how many class sessions have already taken place. To read the refund policy, visit the Student Accounts page.

Who can assist me if I have registration difficulties?

Office of the Registrar
Office: MCB C-210
Phone: 617-521-2111
Fax: 617-521-144

Who can advise me if all the courses I want are full?

Please contact your faculty advisor.

Administrative Questions

If I feel overqualified for any of the core courses, can I petition to waive the requirement?

Once you have completed twelve credits in the program, you can fill out a petition to waive a particular requirement and submit it to Dr. Em Claire Knowles, Assistant Dean for Student Services, for discussion at a monthly faculty meeting. You will need to supply information to back up your petition. It's also a good idea to speak to your faculty advisor about your petition. If your advisor agrees, your advisor may advocate for you in the faculty meeting. Carefully read the instruction on the Petition for Transfer of Credit/Waiver Form on the Forms page. After the faculty meeting you will receive a letter stating whether or not your petition has been granted.

How much can I reasonably work while enrolled?

This is another good question to discuss with your faculty advisor, who can help you take your experience and workload into account.

I need to fill out a form for . . .

For information on other policies, such as Name/Address/Phone Changes, Registration, and Leave of Absence refer to the Forms and Policies page.

Where can I go for guidance if I've already registered and worry that I'll need to change my first semester courses?

If this is the case, we recommend that you contact your faculty advisor for guidance. For the first semester, taking core courses is recommended.

Where can I find out what other students think about professors and courses?

Binders containing student evaluations are located in the foyer by the GSLIS lounge, Suite P-212.

To view the GSLIS Faculty Directory for a brief background on each faculty member (full-time and adjunct), visit the Faculty pages.

Whom can I contact if I have general questions?

Dr. Em Claire Knowles, Assistant Dean, Student Services
Office: P-212L
Phone: 617-521-2798

Richard Gates, Student Services Manager
Office: P-212-P
Phone: 617-521-2797

Revised May 2013