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Space Planning

The Space and Project Review Committee (SPRC) provides oversight of all physical space on campus.

Mission Statement of the Committee:

All Simmons College space is for the general purposes of Simmons College and no space is owned or controlled by any individual or individual units within Simmons.  Space is recognized as a critical and scarce resource and its efficient utilization is critical to the success of the Simmons.  The mission of the SPRC is to: (1) allocate the space owned by Simmons in the most cost effective way consistent with Simmons' best interests and strategic plan objectives; (2) provide a consistent process for allocation of space and for decisions regarding space changes; (3) set policies regarding space; (4) gather and review relevant data regarding facilities usage.

Committee Members:

  • President
  • Senior VP of Finance and Administration
  • Provost
  • Associate Provost
  • Executive Director of Technology, CIO
  • Faculty Senate Chair
  • Deans Council Chair
  • Dean Student Life 
  • Budget Director
  • Registrar
  • Associate VP  
  • Director, Talent and Human Capital Strategy

To make a space change request please click here.

To view office standards please click here.

A work order is used to report any problem related to physical space on campus or to request repair or related work in any existing physical space on campus.  For a detailed list of common work orders please click here.