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Admission Events

Deciding where to go to college or graduate school is probably one of the more important decisions you've had to make. The best way to tell if it's right for you is to spend some time there, meet other students, attend a class, and walk through the campus. Check out our list of upcoming admission events — come visit Simmons and see for yourself.

Date & Time Admission Event
Sep 2 Children's Literature at The Eric Carle Museum
Sep 6 QS World MBA Tour Toronto
Sep 8 QS World MBA Tour Boston
Sep 9 LIS at Mount Holyoke
Sep 11 LIS at Boston Campus
Sep 11 Children's Literature at Boston Campus
Sep 13 SNHS Information Session
Sep 13 MSW Information Session
Sep 17 Graduate Gender/Cultural Studies program
Sep 17 Graduate General Education programs
Sep 17 Graduate Special Education programs
Sep 17 Graduate Behavior Analysis programs
Sep 17 Graduate Public Policy program
Sep 18 MSW Information Session
Sep 22 MSM Showcase
Sep 22 MBA Showcase
Sep 22 Health Care MBA Showcase
Sep 23 Graduate English Program
Sep 27 September Open House
Oct 1 Graduate Special Education programs
Oct 1 Math Boot Camp
Oct 1 Graduate Gender/Cultural Studies program
Oct 1 Graduate Behavior Analysis programs
Oct 1 Graduate Public Policy program
Oct 1 Graduate General Education programs
Oct 2 MSW Information Session
Oct 4 LIS at Mount Holyoke
Oct 5 Children's Literature at The Eric Carle Museum
Oct 18 MSW Information Session
Oct 22 SNHS Information Session
Nov 1 LIS at Boston Campus
Nov 2 Children's Literature at The Eric Carle Museum
Nov 2 November Open House
Nov 4 LIS at Mount Holyoke
Nov 6 Ph.D. in Social Work Information Session
Nov 12 SNHS Information Session
Nov 15 MSW Information Session
Nov 15 Graduate English program
Nov 15 Graduate History program
Nov 15 Graduate Gender/Cultural Studies program
Nov 15 Graduate Special Education programs
Nov 15 Graduate Behavior Analysis programs
Nov 15 Graduate Public Policy program
Nov 15 Graduate General Education programs
Dec 3 LIS at Boston Campus
Dec 6 LIS at Mount Holyoke
Dec 7 December Open House
Dec 9 SNHS Information Session
Dec 11 MSW Information Session
Dec 14 Children's Literature at The Eric Carle Museum
Jan 8 LIS at Mount Holyoke
Jan 14 SNHS Information Session
Jan 24 MSW Information Session
Feb 12 MSW Information Session
Apr 18 SNHS Information Session
May 20 SNHS Information Session
Jun 10 SNHS Information Session
Jul 14 SNHS Information Session

Schedule a Visit

If you can't make it to one of our scheduled admission events, you may arrange for a personal visit through the appropriate Admission Office.