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Undergraduate Study

Tuition and Financial Aid

Summer 2014

Fee Type Summer 2014
Undergraduate (traditional and Dix Scholar non-Nursing) $1073 per credit
Undergraduate (traditional and Dix Scholar Nursing) $1178 per credit
Anatomy Course Fee $565
Residence Fee - Single Room $180 per week
Residence Fee - Double Room $135 per week

Tuition (Non-Nursing) for 2014-2015

In 2014-2015, the expenses for a typical full-time undergraduate resident student who is a non-Nursing major are $49,966. If you are a Dix Scholar, your cost will be dependent on how many courses you take. For a Dix Scholar, your costs will be listed in brackets.

Fee Type Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Total
Undergraduate Non-Nursing Full-time Tuition $17,600 $17,600 $35,200
[Part-time Undergrad. / Dix Tuition] [$1100 per credit] [$1100 per credit] -
Undergraduate Room/Board $6868 $6868 $13,736
[Dix Scholars 10-month housing contract] [$7688] [$7688] [$15,376]
Activity Fee $130 $130 $260
Health Center Fee $385 $385 $770
Health Insurance** - - $2549
Study Abroad Fee* $420 $420 -
Undergraduate (Non-Nursing) Total $24,983 $24,983 $49,966

*if studying abroad for a particular semester

**Health insurance is charged once per year to any student enrolled in 9 or more credits. If you do not wish to enroll in the school provided plan, please waive it at The waiver must be completed once a year, by the deadline. Please visit our Medical Insurance page for more information. Also please note this charge reflects the 2013-2014 rate and is not included in the total cost calculation.