A rigorous curriculum that builds your skills

Simmons's integrated MBA curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that skills build cumulatively and are reinforced throughout the entire program. The MBA program opens with a week of optional skill building workshops and general orientation sessions for all students. In the first week of classes, students take Foundations of Business, a one-week course that introduces students to the curriculum structure and concepts—and also to each other.

Foundations of Business

A one-week introductory course—an overture to the Simmons MBA—Foundations of Business course provides a helicopter view of a general management functions, and introduces the various analytic perspectives our program covers.

Foundational Courses

Students develop the skill set they need to be an effective manager, including analytical skills such as strategic thinking, accounting, economics, and quantitative analysis, and behavioral skills such as communications and leadership strategies.

Advanced Courses

Students specialize in the disciplinary tools and knowledge needed to lead and manage at a strategic level.


Typically done during the summer, Internships are highly recommended (though not required). They allow students to apply learned skills, while gaining specific industry knowledge.

Integrative Courses

These "capstone" courses train students to draw on tools and knowledge from diverse disciplines to address strategic issues, problems, and opportunities.

Concentrations and Electives

Students customize their degree by selecting from one of our 5 designated concentrations or by designing their own area of specialization by selecting from our list of advanced electives.