Helping You Achieve a Successful Career, a Meaningful Life, and a Powerful Return on Your Educational Investment

The success of every organization depends on the vision, energy, commitment, and capability of its leaders. This is as true for the smallest entrepreneurial venture as it is for a huge multinational company like General Foods or Gillette. At Simmons, we assist women in developing the skills necessary to succeed in the challenging world of business today.

At a time when countries are in a state of dynamic change and new technologies are emerging faster than ever before, a Simmons Management student finds herself prepared for the challenges of navigating her way in the workplace, able to communicate effectively in a multicultural world, confident that she knows herself and her skills well enough to compete and be competent - to be a leader - in whatever arena she may choose.

Beginning in January 2014, all students with a major of business and management, finance, retail management, or marketing will receive the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration--the degree favored by top businesses and business schools all over the world.

Simmons Undergraduate College offers the following Management programs:

  • Major in Business and Management
  • Major in Marketing
  • Major in Retail Management
  • Major in Finance
  • Major in Arts Administration
  • Major in Chemistry-Management
  • Minors
  • BS/MBA

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