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Major in Marketing

Major in Marketing

Marketers bridge companies and customers using an increasing array of ideas, tools and techniques. Among the many critical issues facing marketers today are pressures in the global marketplace that influence access to supplies and sale of goods,  sweeping changes in technology and information systems that have altered the ways in which organizations distribute their products and communicate with their customers, the shift from mass marketing to relationship marketing with the resulting array of market segments and subcultures, and the continued challenges and opportunities posed by issues of social responsibility and ethics.

Marketers need to understand the concepts and principles of marketing, but they also benefit from coursework in economics, communications, modern languages, and/or information technology. A major in Marketing can be combined with other areas of study to give the student a richer context in which to operate as a marketer, and to enhance her ability to integrate multiple sources of information, think critically, and solve marketing problems.


  • ECON 100 Principles of Microeconomics
  • MATH 118 Introductory Statistics

Required Core Courses

  • MGMT 100 Introduction to Management and Principled Leadership
  • MGMT 110 Financial Accounting
  • MGMT 234 Organizational Communication and Behavior
  • MGMT 250 Marketing
  • MGMT 260 Finance
  • MGMT 325 Operations Management and Decision Making
  • MGMT 340 Strategy

Required Courses

  • MGMT 230 Consumer Behavior
  • MGMT 392 Marketing Decision Making


The student will select two electives from the following list:

  • MGMT 221 Project Management
  • MGMT 225 The Manager and the Legal Environment
  • MGMT 229 Corporate Social Responsibilty
  • MGMT 231 Creating Brand Value
  • MGMT 232 Marketing Communications on the Age of Social Media
  • MGMT 233 Developing Customer Relationships
  • MGMT 236 Retail Management
  • MGMT 290 Special Topics in Management: Seminar (when relevant)
  • MGMT 335 Marketing Research
  • MGMT 348 The Sustainable Supply Chain
  • MGTM 394 Comparative Retail Stratgies