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Honors in Spanish

Candidates for honors in Spanish are expected to fulfill College requirements as designated on page 27. Students register for SPAN 350 Independent Study in the fall semester. Upon satisfactory completion of that course and with departmental approval, they register for SPAN 355 Senior Thesis in the spring.

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad but are expected to take a minimum of sixteen semester hours at Simmons, including at least four semester hours upon return from study abroad.

The major consists of at least thirty-two semester hours of advanced language, literature, and civilization courses, including twenty semester hours of core requirements. Students are encouraged to improve their language skills through study abroad but are expected to take a minimum of sixteen semester hours of coursework in the department, including at least four semester hours upon return from study abroad.

Normally, no more than four semester hours of departmental courses given in English may be credited toward the major. Students may petition the chair of the department to take up to eight semester hours of course work in English.

Recommendations: Proficiency in a second modern language beyond the intermediate level is strongly recommended for all Spanish majors.

Core Requirements

Four semester hours of advanced work in language:

  • SPAN 245 Conversation and Composition

Four semester hours of Spanish or Hispanic

  • American civilization, selected from:
  • SPAN 310 The Making of Spain: Studies in Spanish Culture
  • SPAN 312 Society and Politics in Latin America: The Collision of Two Worlds and the Search for Identity
  • SPAN 314 Hispanic Culture as Seen Through Film

Four semester hours of introduction to Spanish or Hispanic American literature, selected from:

  • SPAN 264 Pushing the Limits: The Quest for Freedom in Contemporary Hispanic Theater
  • SPAN 265 20th-Century Hispanic Short Story
  • SPAN 266 Imagination, Freedom, and Repression in Latin American Literature
  • SPAN 269 The Image of the Bourgeoisie in the 19th- and 20th-Century Spanish Novel

Eight semester hours of advanced work in literature and culture, selected from:

  • SPAN 318 Insiders and Outsiders: Love, Honor, and Social Unrest in 16th and 17th-Century Spain
  • SPAN 320 The World of Don Quijote
  • SPAN 322 Love, War, and Parody in Medieval and Contemporary Spanish Fiction
  • SPAN 332 Contemporary Fiction in Latin America
  • SPAN 336 Latin American Women Writers
  • SPAN 395 Seminar: Special Topics in Spanish

Twelve semester hours of elective courses in language, literature, civilization, or fieldwork.