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Dean of Student Life

Welcome to the Student Life web page!  Here at Simmons, we are committed to student success and to the education of the whole student.  We recognize that students' lives are full, with many competing priorities and that learning can take place in many forms.  These experiences together are what will enable you to reach your fullest potential whether you are in the classroom, exploring an internship, serving the community, participating in Athletics, working, or leading a student organization.  They all matter!  Across the Student Life Division, we are comprised of a variety of qualified staff -- counselors, coaches, advisers, programmers, practitioners and mentors committed to providing exceptional service, and wherever possible, quality learning experiences to support your success.  We strive to ensure our students:

  • Demonstrate self-sufficiency through command of self-advocacy and intra-personal skills
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities through critical thinking, effective communication and problem-solving
  • Respect diversity and demonstrate social and civic responsibility through interactions with peers and the Simmons community

Above all, we know that successful students are those who are actively engaged in their experience and utilize campus resources.

So what is the Student Life Office all about?  Our office is comprised of me, two administrative support staff, Gina Capra and Valerie Filiberto, an Associate Dean, Lisa Smith McQueenie, and two Assistant Deans, Susan Antonelli and Raymond Ou.  Think of us as the hub -- a place for you to start where you can bring your questions or concerns.  You may bring an academic or personal concern.  You may want to learn about how to get more involved on campus or you may have an idea about how we can improve the overall student experience.  You may be concerned about a friend.  Whatever your inquiry, we are good listeners and we provide an objective point of view.  We can make referrals, address concerns promptly and can help you devise a game plan.

(We also welcome calls from parents who may have questions about our services or who have concerns for their student's adjustment to college life.)

We look forward to supporting your success at Simmons and encourage you to visit our office.


Sarah Neill
Dean for Student Life

The Office of the Dean for Student Life coordinates a comprehensive set of programs and services designed to enhance Simmons College undergraduate and graduate students' educational experiences. The Student Life Division is comprised of the following offices: