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A Semester in Rwanda

More pre-departure details

I am currently gathering credentials about myself that I haven't had to present to anyone in years: my degrees, my criminal records. Somehow, at my age, it seems remote, like it really was someone else who got an ScB in 1979. I also continue to worry about my two-name decision; I have a legal name that I took when I married a widower and adopted his two children and a professional name that had already seen a bit of use. As a professional, I'm one person; as a legal US citizen another. I've gotten a lot of mileage over the years by having an uncommon first name (I mean, how many Nanettes do you know?) 

At Simmons, I'm winding down. Today I hand off the CAS assessment committee responsibility to Niloufer and the CS program mantle to Bruce. I'd like to shift the iComps work to Ellen but she's cleverly decided to be on sabbatical this year as well. Handing off is much easier with google drive ... just share a folder full of stuff! On a positive note, I'm less (not un- but less) concerned about the fate of the CS program after meeting with the new (G)S(L)IS Dean. Also, our enrollments are looking strong for the fall. Perhaps young women have decided that CS is not just a boy's club ... again.  

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Associate Professor Nanette Veilleux has been awarded a Fulbright Grant to teach computer engineering at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Rwanda. Follow along on her journey.


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