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A Semester in Rwanda

July 2013 Archives

Preparations underway!

I have been busy getting together materials to support teaching while I'm there. It looks like I'll still be teaching Object Oriented programming and Signals and Systems. It's been, hmmm, almost 20 years since I've taught S&S (can that be true??!!) so it should be exciting for all involved. 

I've discovered that there's such a thing as "whiteboard sheets" -- that is sheets of white board surface paper that you put up on the wall (it clings...) and write on it if one's white board has, e.g. been washed with an abrasive and no longer dry-erases. I've got a roll of whiteboard on order from amazon. Do you think they'll have plenty of dry erase markers? (this said in a sweet naive but sarcastic voice -- it's hard to find dry erase markers where I currently sit at the Simmons)

I'm also collecting a small printer and projector. I'll have a tiny portable office by the time I leave! 

Final thing: went to the police station in Cambridge last week to get my "Good Conduct Letter". Realized why I stay out of police stations: a woman was loudly and passionately complaining about a false complaint lodged against her .... six years ago. Apparently all involved (other police, teacher who lodged complaint) are cocaine addicts, according to a very good source (someone they went to high school with). I just paid my $20 and snuck away. 

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Associate Professor Nanette Veilleux has been awarded a Fulbright Grant to teach computer engineering at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Rwanda. Follow along on her journey.


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