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A Semester in Rwanda

An entry for Stef

This entry is dedicated to Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel. No, sadly, it's not a long description of the best chocolate in the world (which, quite frankly, must be somewhere else ...) but pictures of the flowering trees, shrubs and plants. This whole city is in bloom and, from what I can tell, continuously. No rough winds to shake the darling buds of May here. 

First, a sobering flower picture, taken on the KIST campus. In 1994, KIST was the site of the UN post whose members were among the first victims in the genocide. The bullet holes are still in the wall and there's stone obelisks to commemorate each of the ten people. 



but, even here, are beautiful flowering trees! 


Which are everywhere! 

flowers1.JPG flowers2.JPG
flowers3.JPG flowersInField.JPG
flowers5.JPG flowers6.JPG

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Associate Professor Nanette Veilleux has been awarded a Fulbright Grant to teach computer engineering at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Rwanda. Follow along on her journey.


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