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Living in Boston

Off Campus Living

There are a number of apartments located near Simmons. Given the large student population in Boston there is a fair amount of turnover each year. Typically early summer is the easiest time to find an apartment; however, given time you will be able to find an apartment at anytime of the year.

If you are interested in finding roommates, the Roommate Assistant web site will be a good resource for listings of open rooms or for posting your own roommate listing. The home page is located at

Working with a realtor can enable you to see a large number of apartments quickly. However, most realtors charge a finder's fee ranging from one half to one full month's rent. If you have the time, the local newspapers publish apartment listings so that you can find an apartment without using a realtor.

Landlords may require first and last month's rent at the time of signing the lease plus a security deposit which will be returned to you when you move out. Often they require a social security number on the renter application. While it is illegal to require that a social security number be provided, it is common practice to request that it be included on the renter's application. If you do not plan to obtain a social security number, your passport, Simmons identification card and proof of a local bank account should suffice.

Rent in the Boston area can range from approximately $800 per bedroom on up. Make sure you check out if this figure includes (heat, electricity, water, telephone).

Most buildings are equipped with alternating electrical service (110V/220V), an adapter will be needed for any electrical appliances you bring with you from home.

Climate / Clothing

You probably traveled with the essentials and will need to purchase some clothing, bedding, etc. once you arrive. It is often said "if you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute and it will change." While you will experience various kinds of weather during the year, there are some basics you should purchase for each season. Dress on the whole is very casual. A warm, heavy winter coat, hat, gloves, and insulated boots are a must for winter.

Average temperatures:

  • September, October
    65 F(18 C) - 75 F(25 C) typically pleasant, sunny weather
  • November, December
    40 F(0 C) - 65 F(18 C) more rain, occasional snow
  • January, February
    0 F(-18 C) - 30 F(-3.6 C) snow, ice, sleet storms common
  • March, April
    30 F ( -3.6 C) - 50 F(10 C) very rainy
  • May, June
    50 F (10 C) - 75 F(24 C) gradual warming, occasional rain
  • July, August
    80 F-95+ F (27-35+ C) very warm and humid