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It will be important for you to maintain communication with friends and family around the globe throughout the year.  You have a number of options for doing so.


If you are living on-campus, you have the option of purchasing the college's telephone plan which includes local and long distance service.  Each student is provided with a telephone jack or connection in their room and must provide their own phone.  If you are living off-campus, you will be able to select your own long distance carrier.  There are many options, so be sure to shop around for the best prices.

Dialing Instructions

On-campus dial 9 for outside calls
To dial long distance within the U.S. 1 + area code + number
To dial overseas from the U.S. 011 + country code + city code + local number See countrycodes list
For directory assistance

within your local area:411

long distance: 1 + area code + 555-1212

Prepaid calling cards are available for sale in the Campus bookstore and at many local stores.  These cards provide a specific number of minutes of long distance calling.  Instructions on use are printed with the card. 

Mobile phones: There are a wide variety of mobile phone services.  Be sure to shop around and compare prices and plans.  Some services include the cost of the phone, others do not.  Some are a monthly contract with a minimum timeframe with penalties for early cancellation of the service.  Some are prepaid phone service, with the option to purchase additional minutes when needed.  Be sure to check for the international rates if you intend to use your cell phone to make international calls.  Some of these rates are extremely expensive.

Internet phone service: Some services/programs such as MSN Messenger (see or Skype (see allow for free or relatively inexpensive voice and video communication between computers that have the software installed or for computer-to-telephone communication. 

Public fax equipment is located in the ground level of the MCB in the mailroom.  If you have access to a fax at home, you should forward that fax number to your international student advisor.  Faxes are much faster means of communicating during breaks and summer months when we may need to reach you at home.


  • You have a few options for mailing that may differ depending upon the destination and content of your letter or package.  There is a stamp vending machine located in the ground level of the MCB that sells regular U.S. stamps, postcard stamps and airmail stamps.  Consider the following when planning to mail letters or packages:
  • Express mail: There are various options through the U.S. Post Office or a number of private companies.  Simmons uses FEDEX for overseas mail.  Be sure to price delivery before mailing.  Express mail can be very expensive.
  • Standard air mail: less expensive than express; however, depending upon the destination, delivery time involved can be significantly longer. Be sure to label mail as AIRMAIL otherwise it may be sent via surface mail.
  • Certified Mail: Once you are living in the U.S. all mail you may send to INS or USCIS relating to your nonimmigrant status should be sent certified mail or via a service that allows you to track the mail (such as FedEx or DHL).  Certified mail, which is available at any U.S. Post Office, provides registered receipts with each item being mailed.  The receipt enables you to trace the document through the mail in the event that it does not reach its destination.

For more information about US Postal Service, postage rates. Post office locations, etc., see


All Simmons students have e-mail accounts.  See the Simmons College Technology New Students page for more information.