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FAQ: Fire Doors



What will a fire door room look like?

This room set up consists of two separate rooms that are divided by a small door. The door between the rooms cannot be locked due to fire safety and no furniture or other items that could block access to the next room can be placed in front of the door. In Simmons Hall,  Morse Hall, and Mesick the rooms are both double and in South Hall the rooms are one triple and one double.

What is a fire door?

It is a door that allows the people in the stairwell to get out of their room in case of a fire in the stairwell by going through the room next door. This door cannot be locked or blocked by any furniture or other items.

Why was I assigned to the fire door?

Your fire door assignment was either received because you had requested it or because the Office of Residence Life felt that this would be a good match for you.

How many people will I be connected to?

In Simmons, Morse and Mesick your room will be connected to two other people in a another double. In South Hall, the rooms that are in the stairwell are triple rooms and the rooms inside the hallways are double rooms, so if your are in the double, you will be connected to 3 other people and if you are in the triple you will be connected to two other people.

What are the benefits to living in a fire door?

There are many! The rooms that are in the stairwell are typically slightly larger than other rooms. Additionally, if you have found three roommates you can treat the fire door as a quad and room with them. The stairwell fire door rooms also have two windows, instead of one. Lastly, since you can enter your room through the room next door that means more people to open the door for you if you're locked out!

Will my things be safe if the door doesn't lock?

Yes, the doors that lead outside the rooms both lock, it is the door between the rooms that don't. Your RA will help you set up standards and expectations in terms of the usage for the fire door - for instance, when to keep the fire door open, what times it is okay to be used for lockouts, when it is okay to go through the fire door into the next room, etc.

Do I have to be friends with the people on the other side of the fire door?

You can be if you want, but it's the same thing as with roommates - it's great if you do want to be friends, but as long as you are cordial to each other. it's not a requirement. It is, however, a great opportunity to meet new people!

Can I request to be in a fire door room? Can I request the people on the other side of the fire door?

Yes you can! You can request to be in a fire door room by noting it in the comments section of your housing application, or (if you've already filled out the application) by filling out the Change in Housing Application form and noting it there. You can also follow the same process for requesting who lives in the fire door with you by noting them as roommate #1, roommate #2… etc, on those same forms.  Since placement has already happened for the 2014-2015 year, you can keep in mind a fire door room for selection next year!