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FAQ: Triples

Expanded Occupancy Triples

(none on campus for 2014-2015)


A big part of the college experience involves living in on-campus communities with other Simmons students. We recognize and value this shared educational experience, which is why we have a residency requirement for all first year students. Simmons College, like many other college campuses, has a mixture of doubles, triples, and quads in order to accommodate all members of the incoming class. This allows us to accommodate students who would not have been able to live in the residence halls. Triple and quad rooms house around one third of the first year students on campus. You are not alone!

While triple rooms have a little less space and privacy than double rooms, students assigned to triple rooms will have a successful experience, and even enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to develop close relationships with their roommates. Often when students living in triple rooms are given the opportunity to move to a double room, they decline the offer because of the connections they've already forged with their roommates.

  • What will a triple room look like?

    While the look and style of every room differs, each room will have three desks, three chairs, two dressers, one set of underbed storage drawers and three beds, two bunked and one lofted. Underbed storage drawers will be under the bunked beds and one desk and one dresser will be under the lofted bed. Students share closet space. Our staff has worked together to determine the optimal arrangement for triple rooms, so you won't have to worry about trying to figure out the best configuration when you move in. It will already be done for you! Storage space is limited and it's best to coordinate who will be bringing what in order to avoid having two or three of everything (the most obvious example is a refrigerator or TV, but other examples include an iron and ironing board).

  • Why was I assigned to a triple room?

    There has been a substantial increase in the demand for on campus housing this year. The Office of Residence Life has been working to ensure that this demand is met and as a result it is necessary to house students in triples.

  • If space becomes available, will it be possible to move into a double room?

    As students withdraw from on campus housing it will be possible for us to de-triple rooms. As space becomes available, students living in triples will be offered the chance to move.

  • What are the benefits of living in a triple?

    Many students who are initially concerned about living in a triple ended up loving it, choosing to remain in the room even when they have the opportunity to move into a double.  It is worth mentioning that remaining in a triple enables students to participate in the first round of housing selection for their class in the following year.

    Many students and their families ask whether they will receive a discounted housing rate for being placed in a triple. It is Simmons philosophy to charge the same amount for all housing- singles, doubles, triples, and quads, therefore a student living in a single or suite in their junior or senior year will not pay more than a student in a double.

  • Will there be enough room for the three of us?

    Triple rooms were all evaluated to ensure that the school furnishings would fit in the available space, but if you are planning on bringing a big screen TV, puffy chair, or extra furniture, you might find the space a bit tight.

    Storage space is limited to the shared closets and under the beds, so we recommend bringing only what you need. If Simmons isn't far from home, bring what you need for one season at a time. Bed Bath and Beyond is within walking distant and many other popular stores are T accessible; consider postponing purchases of non-essential items until after you've arrived and assessed the space. The college bookstore will also be open during opening weekend and will have popular items for purchase. We recommend getting in touch with your roommates before Opening Weekend, not only to introduce yourself but also to talk about who is bringing large items such as TV, fridge, ironing board etc, to avoid duplicates.

    Below are some ways students have maximized the floor space:

    • Use shelving units or stacking bins to use vertical space.
    • Use double rack hangers and hanging shelves that allow you to store more clothes in a small area.
    • Use a pop up laundry hamper that can be easily folded and stored in your closet when not being used.
  • Any communication tips for roommates?

    Sharing space can be stressful — even if you and your roommates are best friends — but even roommates who are very different can have a great roommate relationship. We strongly encourage you to talk with your roommates and come to an agreement as early on as possible about space usage, classes and work schedules and general roommate expectations!  Getting along with your roommates involves the 3 Cs: courtesy, communication, and compromise.

    We recommend deciding before coming who gets which bed to eliminate the 0first come, first serve rush. During the first floor meeting with the Resident Assistant (RA), the RA will be able to provide you with a Roommate Agreement, which will foster important conversations. This is a time-tested tool for starting off with clear communication about roommate expectations and how to have a great roommate experience. It's normal to have roommates who are different than you, and you will probably find that you will get along and also encounter some problems along the way. If you use the 3 Cs you can minimize and avoid potential conflicts.

  •  Any advice on getting to know my roommates?

    Spending time together is the best way for you to get to know each other. At the beginning of the school year, there are a lot of welcome activities and events. Take advantage of these opportunities and attend the events as a group! Go to the dining hall or see a movie together. You'll get along best when you know more about your roommates. The Roommate Agreement will also provide you with an opportunity to talk with your roommates about their likes and dislikes.

  •  How can I make the move in process easier?

    We suggest discussing with your roommates when everyone is moving in. Knowing when your other roommates are arriving and possibly coordinating your arrivals will make move in a lot smoother. If you all arrive around the same time it may be really chaotic OR you may decide that it is much easier to organize and get settled in right away. The three of you should work together to decide what is best for all of you.

    Decide and agree on what you want in your room. Working together and discussing what you want to have in your room will not only alleviate problems, but will also make packing and organizing much easier. Who knows, the three of you may have similar or different tastes in colors, posters, and knick-knacks, but combining something from each of your likes could create a room enjoyable for everyone!

    During opening weekend Simmons staff will be stationed across the residential campus to answer questions and help students move their belongings into their room. 

    We have set aside the first move-in time slot (8:30am-9:30am) for students in triple rooms in order to have more time to get settled in.  For more information on move-in, visit the move-in website.

  • Where can I study outside of my room?

    If you are concerned about studying inside your triple there are several alternatives:

    • All halls have lounge areas that are ideal for studying and easily accessible. Lounges are well lit and have couches and tables to work at. All residence students have access to all residence halls up until 11:00pm at night.
    • Simmons, Mesick, North, Arnold, and Smith halls have computer labs accessible to students in all of the halls.
    • Simmons students have access to Wheelock College's library (and all other COF libraries), which is easily accessible from the Residential campus.
    • Beatley Library, located on the academic campus has computers and several study spaces including group study rooms by online reservation.
    • Meyers Café, Common Grounds Café, and Bartol Hall are frequently used as study spaces by Simmons students.