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Holistic Health Care Club

Primary Contact: Kseniya Levina

The Simmons Holistic Health Organization is a student led group with an interest in promoting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of students at Simmons College.

Holistic thinking emphasizes achieving the full potential of oneself through care and integration of mind, body and spirit, focusing on different modalities to promote such health.

Whether through relaxation techniques, healthy eating, sustainability of our environment, or learning to live in a multicultural society, we strive to achieve a balance in our lives.

Holistic therapy is an up and coming theme in current health care practices, and we hope that health care graduates from Simmons College will be able to incorporate knowledge from this organization's experiences into their own practice. Although we talk about holistic therapies in health care settings, the organization is open to any Simmons College student who has an interest in this topic.

Some of our goals are to learn Reiki, establish a relaxation room at Simmons, redefine recycling at Simmons (in cooperation with the Sustainability Club), co-sponsor events with "Active Minds," and to have a positive impact on the well-being of students at Simmons College.