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Student Government Association

Student Government Association

This organization is the voice of the student body. They establish policy and solicit student input for a host of different college and student issues. Executive board positions are elected yearly, all recognized organizations are represented by their Senators, and all students are welcome to attend SGA meetings, which meet every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

Student Finance Board

The Student Finance Board (SFB), the financial branch of the Student Government Association (SGA), is a committee of students whose purpose is to allocate funds collected through the Undergraduate Student Activities Fee. The purpose of the SFB is to ensure impartiality in all financial transactions made by organizations and to encourage an event-focused ideology to enhance "an environment that appreciates and respects a diverse and multicultural campus" (SGA Constitution). The goal of the SFB is to support a wide variety of organizations, activities, and programs that will benefit the Simmons community.

Overview of Roles

Student Government Association Executive Board, 2013-2014

President Sandy Lor
Vice President for Internal Affairs Priyal Goyal
Vice President for Finance Abby Field
Vice President for Finance-Elect Meghan Moore
Vice President for Communications Jillian Malcolm
Vice President for Student Affairs Lindsay Johnson
Vice President for Academic Affairs Krina Patel
Vice President for Marketing & PR Megan Chamberlin
Like Minds Co-Chairs Ahalia Persaud
Advisor Susan Antonelli

Student Finance Board, 2013-2014

SFB Chair Abby Field
SFB Advisor Corey Zohlman