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Apartment and Room Listings

Apartment in Fenway, Park Drive

Price: $803.00

Available On: 09/01/14

Apartment Summary

Price: $803.00 per Month, Unfurnished
Labor/skill compensation:
Broker's fee: $0.00
Floor level: 3
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2
Parking: No parking
Within walking distance of public transportation: Yes
Pets Allowed: No pets
Utilities included: yes

Additional Description

5 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment on Park Drive, right above the Fenway T stop next to the Landmark center. Five minute walk to Emmanuel, Simmons, and the colleges of the Fenway. Right now there are 6 of us living in the apartment, 4 sharing two bedrooms and 2 with their own. That leaves one open bedroom in the space. This room is also attached to a bathroom which will primarily belong to the person who lives in that room, besides usage during busy times like the weekend, ect. We are all rising Juniors at Emmanuel College and are all super friendly. During the week most of us have on/off campus jobs, participate in campus activities such as track and a cappella, and spend a lot of time on school work. On the weekends we like to go out in Boston and hangout with friends, as well as stay in sometimes and just chill out. We are looking for a 7th female roommate to take the place of someone who dropped out at the last minute. Please feel free to contact me, Justine, to get any more information or set up a time to meet. :)


Contact: Justine McLaughlin
Company: Emmanuel College
Phone: (617) 584-3661