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Housing Selection FAQ

General Housing Questions

How do I know which Housing Selection Night to attend?

Statuses are based solely on credits, not on whether you are graduating, or how many years you have been at Simmons. Transfer credits are included; however AP credits are not. Your credits/status will reflect current classes taken Spring 2014. The class statuses are:

  • Status 1          87 or more credits       Rising Seniors
  • Status 2          57-86 credits               Rising Juniors
  • Status 3          27-56 credits               Rising Sophomores
  • Status 4          26 or fewer credits      2nd Semester First-Years
  • Status 5          All levels                     Graduate & Dix Scholars


How do my number of credits reflect my lottery number? Does a better GPA mean a better lottery number?

The lottery numbers are divided by class statuses. These statuses are determined by a specific number of credits. The number of credits you have will categorize everybody into five statuses: grad/Dix, rising seniors, rising juniors, rising sophomores, and second semester first-years. Once you are fit into a status, the lottery numbers are assigned at random. For example, if the number of credits you have is on the higher end of the range it does not necessarily mean you will have a better lottery number. Higher GPAs are also not reflective of better lottery numbers.

What if the credits emailed to me are not the actual number of credits I have?

If there are any discrepancies in the number of credits that were emailed to you, contact the Registrar's Office at 617-521-2111 as soon as possible to resolve the matter!

When will I receive my lottery card?

Your lottery card should be delivered to your campus mailbox in early April. You will not receive a lottery card if you have a business hold on your account or if your deposit is below $250. The Office of Residence Life will contact you if you fall into one of those categories. Once you clear your hold, bring a receipt to the Office of Residence Life to receive your lottery card.

If my roommate (or suite-mate) has a better lottery card than I do, do I need to bring my lottery card to room selection?

Yes, everyone participating in room selection will need to have their lottery card at the event. Groups of roommates and suite-mates can choose to use the lowest (best) number in their group to select a room. However, you should always be prepared to break into smaller groups if the suite you would like is no longer available. When a group breaks into smaller groups, each individual group will use the lowest (best) number within that group. For example, if everyone in your group were in status 2 and had the numbers 3, 27 (roommates) and 100, 256 (roommates) you would use 3 to select the four person suite you want. If there are no more suites and you decided to break up into two doubles, one double would use 3 and the other would use 100. Under no circumstances can you switch numbers with other people and after selecting on housing selection night roommate changes will not be considered until after the 2nd week of Fall semester.

How do I find a roommate?

Come to one of the Pair Fairs on April 8! There will be one in Simmons Hall from 7:00-8:00pm intended for rising sophomores to find a roommate. There will be another in Arnold Hall from 8:30-9:30pm intended for rising juniors and seniors to find others to fill their room or suite.You can also join the Roommate Matching Page on Facebook!

What if I want to see what the rooms in the other halls look like?

The Office of Residence Life has solicited students to provide short video tours of their rooms. We hope to collects video tours from every type of room and in every hall! We're working on getting these up and available for you ASAP.

Pssst! Think your room is awesome and want to show it off? Contact the ORL about shooting a quick virtual tour of it!

How do I find out more about Special Interest Housing & Theme Communities?

Residence Staff members from the Office of Residence Life will be tabling in Bartol Hall every week from Spring Break through Housing Selection. Each night of tabling, current and/or future RAs will be present to answer questions, and provide brochures that are specific to Theme Communities.

If I have lottery card number 27 in Status 2 does it mean I am the #27 person in line on Junior Room Selection Night?

Having lottery card 27 doesn't necessarily mean that you will be 27th person in line. There are several reasons that this is not a "hard number." You can never predict how many students will be "pulled up" to other room selection nights. Some junior students will attend senior selection with their friends and be pulled up into rooms and suites. Some students have also already chosen rooms in Special Interest or Theme Communities, or assigned rooms through the Special Housing Accommodations. So in the end, it is too hard to predict exactly where you will fall in the line until you are actually here that night. Just plan ahead and be prepared for anything!

What do I need to bring to room selection?

You need to bring your lottery card and your Simmons ID. If you are a proxy for someone, you will also need to have their lottery card.

What if I can't come to room selection on the set date for my status level?

Complete a proxy form and give your lottery card to your proxy, who will be attending the Housing Selection Night. They can then pick a room for you. (Please see below for more questions regarding being a proxy.)

What if I am a current student at Simmons and want to live with an incoming first year student?

The Housing Selection process is only for current Simmons College students; therefore if you want to live with a incoming first-year student, you will select your room as if you are a student without a roommate. During the summer when housing assignments are completed for first year students, we can place that student in the extra space in your room. Because during the room process you will be seen as a student without a roommate, you will have to go to the "back of the line" in your class status. This means you choose after everyone else in your status, but before the next status. Buildings in which you can choose to live with a first-year roommate include: Simmons, Mesick, Morse, or South. Please note that the student you want to live with must also note on their housing application that they want to room with you.

What if I can't fill an entire room or suite?

If you do not have enough people to complete a room or suite, you will have to go to the end of the line at room selection. Any students that can completely fill the room or suite will have priority over those that cannot. Once you pick a room, anybody can choose to fill that vacancy thereafter without your consent.

How does it work if I want to live with someone with a lower (or higher) status than me?

You will attend the housing selection night for the person in your group who has the lowest lottery number of the highest status. If for example you are a senior and want to room with three juniors in a suite, all four of you will attend the senior Housing Selection and select with the senior's lottery number. Please remember that even if you aren't using the other three lottery cards to select the room you must have all three cards with you at room selection night.

Proxy and Study Abroad Housing Questions

How do I participate in housing selection if I am abroad during the spring?

If you are studying abroad while Housing Selection is occurring, you must find someone you trust to act as a proxy for you. In addition to filling out the Housing Application by the priority deadline, you must fill out a proxy form, which can be found on our website at The person you select as a proxy will be able to pick up your lottery card and attend housing selection for you. If you do not designate a proxy, the Office of Residence Life will place you in a room after Housing Selection.

What happens if I don't fill out a proxy form before the selection night? What if my proxy doesn't have my lottery card?

Without the proxy application AND lottery card, the individual you selected will not be able to participate for you. They will only be able to participate for themselves. After Housing Selection, the Office of Residence Life would select a room on your behalf. As you can see, it is very important for you to fill out the proxy form before room selection, and that your lottery card gets picked up by your proxy prior to Selection Night.

How do room assignments work if I am or plan to be abroad during the fall? Do I participate in Housing Selection?

If you are studying abroad during the fall semester, you will not participate in housing selection. Instead, you will state your intent to withdraw from housing for the fall semester (see below). You can coordinate housing options with friends if there will be a vacancy in their room following your return to campus (see below). If you go abroad in the fall and do not have a room in mind to move into when you return, then the Office of Residence Life will match you up based on the preferences listed on your housing application.

Why do I have to withdraw from housing?

We ask to you withdraw from housing so that we can put your housing deposit of $250 on hold. You must fill out the online withdrawal form by the deadline, or your deposit will be forfeited. If your plans change and you need to have on-campus housing, the hold will be removed and you can fill out an application for fall housing.

Can my roommate hold my space in my room for me while I am abroad?

Rooms cannot be held for roommates studying abroad, so you will have to find a roommate for the semester you come back. For instance, if Carla is living on campus all year, and Jenny is studying abroad in the fall but wants live with Carla when she returns to campus in the spring, Jenny and Carla could find someone who is studying abroad in the spring or graduating early. That way, Jenny knows there will be an empty bed in Carla's room in the spring, and Carla can request that Jenny fill that space.

Can I still go through Housing Selection if I have not been accepted to my program yet? 

Yes, you may. In order to do this, you must fill out the Housing Application AND the withdrawal application. You must select "pending study abroad." If you do both of these things before the advertised priority deadline, you will be given the same lottery number that you would have received if you had not indicated a desire to withdraw from housing in the fall. If you do then get accepted to your program, please contact our office immediately. Please note that, in that case, your roommate would be left with a vacancy in their room, to which the Office of Residence Life would assign someone.

What if I am a "proxy" for a student who currently lives on campus?

The person you will be a proxy for must first fill out an online proxy form, which you can find on our website. Once they fill this out, you will need to bring your friend's lottery card to the proper Selection Night. If the person is currently living on campus and simply cannot attend selection, you should pick it up from them directly. If the person is currently abroad, their lottery card will be available at the Office of Residence Life.

If I am returning from a Leave of Absence (LOA), where do I fall in the room selection process? How do I get my lottery number?

All LOA and study abroad students should fill out an electronic application, send in a $250 housing deposit (unless they already have one on file), and complete the online proxy form indicating who will be their proxy. All study abroad and LOA students will be assigned a lottery number at random within the status they belong to based on credits. Your proxy should pick up your lottery number at the Office of Residence Life before the night of the selection.

What happens if I don't fill out a proxy form before the selection night or don't have the lottery card for a student who is not present at room selection?

Without the proxy application you cannot select a room for that person. This means that you will be asked to go to the back of the line within your status to choose with other students who cannot fill an entire room. As you can see, it is VERY important for you to fill out the correct proxy forms before room selection!

Graduate/Dix Housing Questions

If I am a current graduate student/Dix Scholar living in North, what should I do if I want to stay in my room?

If you would like to remain in the same room you are currently in, please indicated this on the Graduate/Dix Housing Application. You will not need to attend room selection.

I am a graduating senior interested in living on campus in the 2014-2015 school year as a graduate student. Which housing selection process do I participate in?

If you are a current undergraduate resident continuing as a graduate student and interested in living in on campus you will be considered an "incoming student." You should first fill out a Graduate housing application. Current graduate/Dix Scholar will select housing before incoming students.

Will the 5th floor of South be available to Graduate Students and Dix Scholars?

Yes. The rooms on this floor will be available starting in Graduate and Dix Scholar selection night. The residents of the 5th floor will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to respect the fact that South Hall 1st-4th floors are Wellness.