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Fit at Simmons

Fit at Simmons is a student-led peer education group that encourages Simmons student's to adopt fitness into their lives early-on through participation in a variety of activities and events offered throughout the academic year. These events are designed to accommodate students of all fitness abilities, particularly those, who may struggle with trying to find a way to fit regular exercise into their lives. Fit at Simmons accomplishes its mission through a weekly Fit at Simmons activity, Find Your Own Fit group training sessions, Yoga club, Bike at Simmons club, and special events throughout the year. All events are free for students and are supported by a generous gift from Nancy Gavrin, Simmons '58

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Melissa Tanguay

Student Leader, Fit at Simmons

Melissa Tanguay is Dix Scholar majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Biostatistics. She loves being the Student Leader for Fit at Simmons because it gives her an opportunity to share her love of fitness with the Simmons community. She loves when students get involved in Fit at Simmons because the group is a great way to help embrace a healthy, active lifestyle on campus!

Alie Hill

Student Assistant, Fit at Simmons

Alie Hill is a junior Nutrition major and Exercise Science minor here at Simmons. She has a passion for health and fitness and hopes to work with children after she receives her RD license. Outside of class and school she enjoys running, yoga, and different types of workouts. She is training for a half marathon in spring and hopes to run the Boston Marathon within the next 5 years.