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CA$H (On-Campus and Work-Study)

CA$H (Convenient Access to Student Hires) is the Simmons online job board for on-campus student employment and off-campus work-study employment opportunities at approved not-for-profit organizations.

NOTE: Simmons faculty and staff seeking to hire a Simmons student for on-campus employment should visit the Faculty & Staff Hire a Student page.

Registering for CA$H

To register for CA$H as an off-campus not-for-profit employer, you will need to first contact the Student Payroll office (Main College Building, E101, 617-521-2013). You will need to submit proof of your organization's not-for-profit status (typically a copy of your Form ST-2) along with other paperwork.

Once approved by Student Payroll, or if you are already approved but not yet registered, you can then click here to register for the CA$H system.

Using CA$H

Once registered, you can either log in to CA$H here or via the login below:

to CA$H

Once logged in, you can edit your profile in CA$H and post work-study jobs for students. PLEASE NOTE: Work-study jobs are available only to students that have received work-study awards as part of their student financial aid package (see the Student Financial Services office for more information on work-study awards).

You can create a new job by selecting New Job from the My Jobs menu, or view a list of previously posted jobs by selecting Jobs List.

From the Jobs List, click on the title or job ID# of any job to view the full details.

The complete CA$H User Guide - Employers is available here.

Hiring a Work-Study Student

Once a student has been selected to fill an open off-campus work-study position, you will need to report them as a hire in CA$H by selecting Report a Hire from the left side of the CA$H home page and completing the requested information. Once the information is filled out, you will need to click on Print Forms, select Job Placement Form, and print out the PDF version of the completed placement form. This will then need to be signed and sent to Simmons College Student Payroll (Main College Building, E101).

Upon the student accepting an offer of employment, they will need to go to Student Payroll to complete Forms I-9 and W-4. PLEASE NOTE: It is against federal law to begin employment without completing a Form I-9, which verifies an employee's eligibility to work in the United States.

Additionally, you will need to complete an Off-Campus Work-Study Employment Agreement, also available through Student Payroll (Main College Building, E101).


Can I hire any Simmons student for off-campus work-study employment?

No, only students with work-study financial aid awards may be hired for off-campus work-study positions. If you are interested in hiring a Simmons student outside of the work-study program, please visit the CareerLink page for more information.

Is there any fee or cost associated with posting an off-campus work-study opportunity on CA$H?

No, you may post a job in the CA$H database without charge. The only cost to your organization is 40% of the student's wages once the student has been hired and begins work.

How are wages paid to a work-study student?

Students are paid their full wages, based upon the timesheets you submit, by Simmons College Student Payroll. You will then be billed by Simmons for 40% of those wages. You do not need to make any payments directly to students under this program, nor will they be on your organization's payroll.

What is the hourly rate I need to pay an off-campus work-study student?

You are responsible for determining the hourly rate of pay for your off-campus work-study student employee(s) based upon their experience and the requirements of the job. The Massachusetts minimum wage is $8.00 / hour. While we do not have specific pay recommendations, most students are paid between $8 - $12 /hour.

How many hours may a student work per week in their on-campus job?

Simmons policy prohibits work-study students from working more than 20 hours per week total (including all on-campus and work-study jobs) while school is in session (Fall & Spring semesters).

to CA$H

Post Jobs & Internships

Employers seeking to hire Simmons students and alumnae/i can use two different online job boards for recruitment purposes. The two job boards are CareerLink, for off-campus opportunities, and CA$H, for on-campus and work-study positions. Employers can use these job boards to advertise full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities.

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