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CA$H (On-Campus and Work-Study)

CA$H (Convenient Access to Student Hires) is the Simmons resource for student employment. This website provides a listing of on-campus work-study and general employment positions and also off-campus work study positions with local non-profits. Please note that work-study positions are only available to students with work-study financial aid awards, which are generally included only as part of undergraduate students' financial aid packages.

Registering for CA$H

To register for CA$H, please click here. Please be sure to include your Simmons ID# in your profile.

Using CA$H

Once registered, you can log in to CA$H here:

to CA$H

Once logged in, you can use edit your profile in CA$H and search for jobs.

When mousing over Job Search, you will see the option to search "Work-Study" or "General" jobs. Work-study jobs are available only to students that have received work-study awards as part of their student financial aid package (see the Student Financial Services office for more information on work-study awards). General employment jobs are on-campus jobs open to any enrolled current student at Simmons College.

Once you have selected the type of job, you will be brought to a Search screen with many available filters. We strongly recommend that you do not enter any filter, but instead click "Search" and view the full listing of available jobs.

From the jobs list, click on the title or job ID# of any job to view the full details, including a job description and application instructions.

Click here for the complete CA$H User Guide — Students

Getting Hired

Please be sure to read the application instructions fully and follow them to apply for a particular job you are interested in. Most prospective employers will require a resume and an in-person interview, Check out the Career Toolkit for tips on these and other job search skills.

Once you are offered employment, you will need to go to Student Payroll to complete Forms I-9 and W-4 . PLEASE NOTE: It is against federal law to begin employment without completing a Form I-9, which verifies your eligibility to work in the United States.


Are there jobs available for me if I do not have a work-study award?

Absolutely. General Employment on-campus jobs are listed separately from work-study jobs in CA$H. Any enrolled student at Simmons College may apply for a General Employment job on-campus.

Are there jobs on campus specifically for graduate students?

Yes. In the "Job Description" section of the online job postings, employers will list qualifications for their on-campus position, which may include being a graduate student. Some of the job titles will also specifically note the position as being for a graduate student.

Why are no jobs showing up when I search for them using CA$H?

Typically this is due to selecting too many filters on the search screen before displaying the job listings. We recommend that you do not enter any filters and browse through the full list of jobs available in CA$H.

Can I find non-work-study off-campus jobs on CA$H?

All non-work-study off-campus jobs (including full-time, part-time, internships, summer jobs, etc.) can be found on Simmons' other online job board, CareerLink. Please see the CareerLink page for more information.

How many hours may I work per week in my on-campus/work-study job?

Simmons policy requires that any graduate student working more than 20 hours per week total on-campus must receive signed approval from their academic advisor. Approval forms are located in the Student Payroll office (Main College Building, E101).

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Career Toolkit for Graduate Students

The purpose of the Career Toolkit is to assist you in your career planning. Whether you are unsure of your career direction or need help with your job search, you will find the resources you need to begin your preparation.

Find a Job or Internship

Check out CareerLink for full-time jobs and internships, CA$H for on-campus jobs, and the other job boards and resources we've compiled. 

Meet with a Career Coach

Wondering where to start? Let us help. Drop by Monday or Tuesday from 3:00-4:30 or Wednesday or Thursday from 1:30-3:00; or, make an appointment at a time convenient to you.

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