Literary Slipstreams

Located next door to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, a short walk from those infamous ducklings, and just a subway ride away from The Horn Book, Inc. and a host of children's book publishers, archival and historical collections, Simmons College welcomes the Children's Literature Association to Boston for its 39th Annual Conference.

The conference theme, "Literary Slipstreams," will explore the ways children's literature at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century straddles, crosses, confuses, and even redefines genre boundaries. We will revisit Bruce Sterling's use of the term slipstream to mean a "fiction of strangeness" and "a parody of mainstream," and we will consider the literal definition of the term (the partial vacuum created in the wake of a moving vehicle, often used by other vehicles to assist in passing) to consider how revisions, re-versions, and retelllings challenge the historical record. How do children's and young adult literature--as well as scholarship interrogating these works--invoke hybridity of and beyond literary conventions? How does the notion of transition mark both the literature and the scholarship?


All conference sessions and the award's banquet on Saturday evening will be held on the Simmons College Campus.


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The conference logo by David Macaulay captures the physical movement, possible irreverence, and spirited playfulness of "Literary Slipstreams."