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Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis

Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis

The Ph.D. program in Behavior Analysis is a 60-credit doctoral program designed to train and position qualified behavior analysts to make significant contributions to the science and to the community. Simmons's programs in Behavior Analysis advocate a fusion style of research wherein the findings from other disciplines are used to improve behavior analytic research.

"Simmons's Ph.D. program is particularly attractive because of the opportunity to take courses from well-respected members of the ABA community. The program has helped me develop new and interesting research topics and a better repertoire of assessing and changing behavior in my clinical work."
—Emily Sweeney-Kerwin, Outreach Consultant, Carbone Clinic, Valley Cottage, NY

Candidates for the doctoral program must demonstrate the ability to think critically and creatively about theoretical foundations an applied research, and should possess the motivation and capacity to contribute to professional literature. All candidates are interviewed by the admission committee and will be expected to discuss their research interests.

Program Requirements

Candidates must have a master's degree or higher in Behavior Analysis, Applied Behavior Analysis, or a related field, including psychology, education, or special education, and must be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst™. Additional requirements include official transcripts from all coursework completed since high school, three letters of recommendation, a résumé, a statement of purpose, an analytical writing sample, an interview, and official GRE general test scores.


This program requires 60 semester hours, the equivalent of 15 courses. Students may enroll on a full- or part-time basis beginning in the fall, spring, or summer semesters.

Core Courses

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 9 Courses
Applied Statistical AnalysisI DEDU-651 4.00 Lecture
Applied Statistics AnalysisII DEDU-652 4.00 Lecture
Dissertation Extension DEDU-699 0.00 Lecture
Dissertation Seminar DEDU-670 2.00 Lecture
Diversity in Education DEDU-655 4.00 Lecture
Qualitative Research DEDU-653 4.00 Lecture
Quantitative Research DEDU-654 4.00 Lecture

Cognate Courses

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 9 Courses
Adv. Func. Assess & Analysis DABA-625 4.00 Lecture
Behavioral Consults in School DABA-616 4.00 Lecture
Behavioral Medicine DABA-635 4.00 Lecture
Behavioral Research in Educ. DABA-615 4.00 Lecture
Experimental Analysis of Behv DABA-630 4.00 Lecture
History of Behavioism DABA-601 4.00 Lecture
Organizational Behavr Managmnt DABA-620 4.00 Lecture
Scholarly & Prof. Activity DABA-640 4.00 Lecture
Verbal Behavior DABA-610 4.00 Lecture