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Master of Arts

Master of Arts

Sequence of Courses

"The learning environment at Simmons is intellectually rich, open, and challenging. Our unique size means that faculty members have the time to dedicate to training — rather than simply teaching — their students. We can help students through their first conference proposal and presentation, or mentor them as they apply for a research grant. In graduate education, what goes on outside o the classroom is often just as important as what happens in the 'official' hours of class."
—Sarah Leonard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History

This program requires 36 semester hours, the equivalent of nine courses. All students should take one course in historical methodology and historiography; a series of electives; and a culminating research project or internship (fieldwork, thesis, teaching practicum, or public history internship). Students may enroll on either a full-time or part-time basis as long as they complete the program within five years.

Required Courses:

HIST 597 Historical Methods and Research

Elective Courses - partial list* (24 or 28 credits)

HIST 527 Archives, History, and Collective Memory
HIST 529 Film and Historical Representations
HIST 535 Sites of History: Research Seminar in Public History
HIST 560 Seminar in the History of Women and Gender
HIST 561 Cross-Cultural Encounters
HIST 562 Reforms and Revolutions in Asia
HIST 564 Rape of Nanjing
HIST 567 Memory and the Holocaust
HIST 573 Seminar in the Nineteenth-Century United States
HIST 574 Seminar in the Modern United States
HIST 577 Topics in Modern European History
HIST 578 Lives of Faith

Independent Study (4 or 8 credits)

HIST 450 Independent Study
HIST 455 Thesis
HIST 570 Internship
HIST 580 Fieldwork

*This coursework is subject to change and varies by semester.

Full course descriptions and a list of current electives for each semester is available at