Diversion from LIS

While I am not a children’s or young adult literature person, I am obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy. They are getting closer to casting Katniss for the live action movies (I am very okay with the current top choice of Jennifer Lawrence – see Winter’s Bone) but I thought I would describe the time these novels consumed my life, because it was during finals week.

I read the first book because it was one of the summer reading assignments for the middle school in the town I work for. Our library purchased around twenty copies and our Children’s Librarian was very excited about this book. I could not take the book out during the summer because there were so many children who needed it for credit. So, September came and I was consumed with school work, and reading another leisure book. By the time I got around to checking out the Hunger Games it was already finals .

I picked up the first book 2 days before a paper was due. I intended to just read a few chapters as a break from the paper. Boy was I wrong. I could not put the book down. I had to take a break from the book in order to finish my paper. Instead of going to bed I chose to finish the book and take a nap before work the next morning. When I got to the library I grabbed the last two books. Luckily it was the weekend and I read book 2 on Saturday and book 3 on Sunday. I planned my weekend off so that I could finish all of my assignments and not have to worry about getting them done throughout the week. That concept was scrapped because I only cared about Katniss and Peeta.

Library School does offer time for diversions, but try to avoid them during mid-terms and finals week.


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