Spring Break and the Older Student

No bikinis for this forty-something….trust me, this is a good thing!  For me, spring break was an opportunity to catch up on housework and have the time to go to NY to visit my adult daughter.  I had told myself that I would get ahead on schoolwork, and while I did do some, there was no “getting ahead.” After six intense weeks, my brain needed to ease up, and my non-school life needed some of my attention.

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If you read my first post, you saw that I had some misgivings about returning to school as a full-time student.  I would like to revisit those initial thoughts now, halfway through the semester.  It has been so invigorating to be in school.  While I sometimes feel like I am drowning in a sea of acronyms, I am learning so much.

When I started the program full-time, I had quit my job, figuring that school, home, family, a long commute, and volunteer work would keep me busy enough.  That was a good plan!  When my volunteer work evolved into a job offer at my local library, I couldn’t say no.  A library job, however small, was still a library job!  But the plan… the plan….

Spring break came at the right time, as I needed to recharge the batteries and rethink my approach.  For the person balancing work, family, and school, this is a very challenging program.  Even during spring break, projects and midterm exams hung in the air, and I had online review sessions.  An unexpected extended absence by a work colleague meant more work hours as the library team pitched in to cover the absence.  My original plan had been good, but now that I am working, I think two courses at a time may be more appropriate for next semester.

So, if you are doing the great balancing act of spouse, kids, older parents and in-laws, along with work, and school, have a plan and build in some flexibility!  My initial immersion has been challenging and rewarding, and this was a great way to start my academic life.  Even so, I am looking forward to just one course this summer and a little more breathing room in my schedule in the fall.


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