The Birth of My First Semester...

My first semester with nine credits (all required CORE classes) bore striking resemblance to pregnancy. Being a new student (and an “older” one), not knowing what to expect, reminded me of the excitement and anticipation of being a new mother.  I was so thrilled to be embarking on this new chapter of my life, redefining myself, but it came with some anxiety.  The question, “Would I be a good student and librarian?” felt a lot like “Would I be a good mommy?”

The first trimester (first month of school) came with a little nausea (butterflies), followed by the euphoria of the second trimester (2nd month of school) where I felt great – no more morning sickness and a whole lot of confidence and excitement for what lay ahead. Then, as any new mom will tell you, came the hard part -- the seemingly never-ending last trimester with its accompanying feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted, and wanting it to be over.  I would like to see my feet again…or in the case of school, I would like to recall what a personal life is.

And then the baby arrives!   Final projects are like a long labor…so exciting and scary (and perhaps painful), knowing the moment of truth is here…In both parenting and academics, I want the elusive A’s!  The baby is born, happy and healthy. The new mom starts the slow physical recovery, still a bit overwhelmed but blissfully content and so glad the grueling work of pregnancy (and the first semester) is over and committed that “I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.”

I plan to take the summer off and have signed up for only six credits in the fall…

But then another week passes.  The twelve loads of laundry have been washed…I am starting to see the garden through the weeds…That sweet beautiful baby is making me forget the pain of childbirth, the sleepless nights, the stress…Maybe the labor wasn’t that bad, after all!  How soon until I can do it again?

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