The Post-Semester Life of an Unemployed Aspiring Librarian

The calendar tells me that the semester ended three weeks ago. Instead of harping on how that does not seem temporally possible, I will briefly detail the post-semester life of an unemployed aspiring librarian in all of its glory.

The day after my final final I started volunteering at the Somerville Public Library. I had the opportunity to shadow the library director, and came away with all kinds of clichéd “what they don’t teach you in library school”-type knowledge and insights about what goes on behind the scenes in a public library. I sat in on meetings, met interesting people, and did research for a grant proposal. In less glamorous news, I spent four days going through random documents that past library directors had left in the office. I’m pretty sure that experience solidified my lack of interest in archives.

I also spent some time helping at the Friends of the Somerville Public Library Book Sale. On the last day of the sale, all VHS tapes were $0.25 each or five for $1. A little boy scored a bunch of Disney classics (the ones in those fantastically large white boxes with full color cover insert), and on his way out I heard him say to his father, “Today is a very happy day for me.” If that doesn’t make you want to volunteer at a book sale, I don’t know what does.

Finally, I met with someone in the Simmons Career Education Center to discuss my résumé. I figure that if I want to line up a job or internship or something for the fall, a good first step would be getting my résumé in tip-top shape. I went in there thinking that it looked pretty good, but I left feeling as though substantial improvements had been made. It’s crazy how some library volunteer experience and an improved résumé can make me feel better about applying for jobs. Now I just need someone to hire me…

This week I am briefly reverting back to student-mode and taking a course called Corporate Libraries. This course is offered a few times per year when regular classes are not in session, and is five consecutive full days of class. (Translation: one semester’s worth of class time crammed into five days.) I have no idea what to expect, and will be sure to report back once I emerge from my temporary cubicle.

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