My Campaign to Save the Dust Bunnies

[caption id="attachment_1521" align="alignleft" width="200"] One of my bunnies, not the dust variety[/caption]

I approached this summer, off from classes, but busy with work and family, as a chance to catch up on many things. I had the best intentions to read the many publications, both professional and recreational, piling up in the living room.  I had planned to maintain my gardens beautifully, and my house would be clean and organized before Labor Day.

Well, you know what they say about good intentions…

I did get through about half of the publications awaiting my attention.

My gardens were beautifully maintained until about mid-July, and then the lack of rain dried up my enthusiasm.

I had big plans for the house maintenance issues…I always have big ideas and never enough time or money to implement them. My cookbook shelf is clean and organized…does that count?

I did manage a long list of excuses for myself.

I didn’t get through all the professional development I had planned because I did explore a different field of librarianship (prison libraries) on my own time.  I also dedicated quite a bit of my free time to my job…the plight of everyone who works at a small public library.  And ALA did publish my Letter to the Editor, defending the MLIS, in their magazine!

I also put out a lot of fires at home…not the hot kind, but a bout with carpenter ants and a rotting back door frame took up quite a bit of time.  And there was my daughter’s big move, and the ensuing debris left behind in the empty nest. The chickens also got into the act as predators were at an all–time high around my place (I live on many wooded acres in the boonies of NH), and this required added security measures at Coop Central. And the vacuum cleaner broke, so I began naming the dust bunnies.

I have big plans for the fall, too, with classes on both campuses, more commuting time, and added work and volunteer responsibilities.  I have a feeling that Database Management and Reference will keep me very busy!   This is good news for the dust bunnies, who can look forward to long and healthy lives.


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