[caption id="attachment_1609" align="alignleft" width="300"] Michelle (far right), myself (middle), and our friend Carly this summer.[/caption]

I never thought I’d go to library school. I wasn’t even sure I’d get a master’s degree at all. So you can imagine how amazed I am at the fact that not only am I here, but I am here with one of my oldest and best friends, Michelle Fredette.

Shelly and I met on the bus to kindergarten. She had chubby cheeks and a love of The Beatles. Even then I could tell she was smart. This was only confirmed through elementary, middle and high school. Shelly took honors classes, played sports, was in the band and was eventually accepted to the English program at UMASS Amherst.

I on the other hand was sort of a slacker. I was an average student, and was also in the band, but other than that I had little ambition. When I finished high school I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go to college. I ended up enrolling at local community college, taking only pre-requisites. Eventually I found my niche which was English, just like Michelle. I became suddenly ambitious and transferred to a four year school.

During our college years, Michelle and I lost touch a bit, aside from a few letters or Facebook interactions. But when we both had graduated and were back in our home town living with our parents, we started a book club together and met frequently. We both wondered about graduate school and had heard of library science but didn’t really know what exactly it involved. When I heard that Simmons had a program in South Hadley, we both signed up for an info session and, well, the rest is history.

So not only have I become passionate about librarianship and my future, but I have been able to do it with one of my oldest and dearest friends at my side. Together we have built some great friendships with other GSLIS students, and we are constantly studying together and supporting each other. We also still find time to socialize and have dinner regularly without doing any school work! I know the future holds bright things for Michelle. She is thriving in the GSLIS program, just as she does at all things she sets out to accomplish. I know it’s cheesy, but I am so proud to call such a smart, independent and ambitions woman my friend!

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