A Hurricane Can be Good for Library Business

In honor of Hurricane Sandy, my Monday class at Simmons was cancelled so I filled in at work at my local library for a colleague who has a long drive.  All the local NH schools had also cancelled and to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be a busy day.  What a surprise!

With the winds still mild and the showers light in the morning in NH, we did a brisk business as everyone scurried in to stock up on books the way squirrels stock up on nuts. The last storm left us in the dark for ten days so we had to be ready.

When Governor Lynch urged us all to go home and get off the roads by 3 pm, we reluctantly closed at 2:30 pm, just in time as the winds really started to howl. Power and phone were knocked out a couple of hours later and I am writing this on my laptop with my DSL modem hooked to the generator.

It was a good day at the library.  It was great to see families excited to pick out books and plan craft projects to do by oil lamp and even a few old curmudgeons who grumbled about what all the fuss was about – “...just a little rain…” Hopefully, everyone is safe…especially our utility crews for whom hurricanes can be just a little too good for business.

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