Field trips aren’t just for kids!

[caption id="attachment_1603" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Smith College Museum of Art in Northampton, MA[/caption]

One thing I love about GSLIS professors is they are always making sure that we aren’t just sitting in a classroom trying to absorb information. They really want us to get real experience and therefore they encourage us to visit libraries, talk with librarians and meet our future colleagues. These are often the best learning experiences!

Last weekend my Literature of the Humanities class was held at the Hillyer Art Library at the Smith College Museum of Art. Not only is Smith located in one of the coolest towns in the state (Northampton), but it also has an amazing campus with beautiful buildings and a great library. We met with Barbara Polowy, art librarian at Hillyer. She did an informative library instruction session on how to locate art resources in order to answer art-related reference questions and she even baked us cookies!

In addition to this mini-trip, several of the core courses here at GSLIS require students to visit and/or observe all types of libraries. I have been to a lot of the local campuses in Western Mass and this semester I will visit even more! I have an appointment in the works to observe the reference desk at WestfieldState University’s Ely Library and my Lit of the Humanities class will be taking a trip to UMASS Amherst’s Renaissance Center. I’m really excited to add to my list of libraries I have visited. Not only is it great to get a feel of the layout and procedures of local libraries, but its also great networking. I’m sure I’ll be applying to many of these libraries soon!

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