A Case of the Mondays

Today is Veterans’ Day observed, and GSLIS does not have classes. How will I be spending my morning, you ask?

In class.

Barring Thanksgiving next week (yay!), the only holidays this semester fall on Mondays. That means there ends up being one less class meeting for Monday classes than for their Tuesday-Friday counterparts. So despite the holiday today, my professor (and from what I’ve heard through the grapevine, a few other professors as well) will be holding class. The thing is, I’m not even mad. I’m not dreading going. It just feels like another Monday.

Everybody enjoys a day off (and especially a long weekend), but when classes only meet once per week, not having a class is a considerable setback. My professor isn’t having class to spite us, as she is also coming in on what could have been a day off. We have a lot of material to cover, and just finally got caught up after falling behind a few weeks ago. And, frankly, the point of being at GSLIS is taking classes, right?

I’m not proposing that GSLIS stop observing holidays, but it does seem odd that Monday classes meet fewer times than the rest. Plus, Simmons was closed on the Monday of Superstorm Sandy, so that was another Monday lost. It’s common knowledge that no one really likes Mondays, and we’ve established that Monday classes don’t give students an equal opportunity to learn. The solution seems pretty clear: GSLIS should do away with Monday classes. For the sake of learning, it seems like the right thing to do.

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