Crossing the Finish Line

[caption id="attachment_1713" align="alignnone" width="300"] I'm on the left, #2! With my work friends after the race, looking sweaty and tired[/caption]

My last post was about yoga, and this one will be about running. But first, I need to provide a disclaimer: I don't do fitness. I'm not claiming to be in shape or know anything about how to get there. I am someone who is completely new to the idea of physical challenge but I am finding that it can be just as rewarding as challenging myself intellectually and I want to share my experience.

Last weekend, a close friend and I ran our first 5k. And by "ran" I mean jogged. And by "jogged" I really mean jogged 1 out of the 3.1 miles, and not consecutively. Regardless of this, the rush of adrenaline I felt when I crossed the finish line was incredible. There was a crowd of people cheering us on and waiting to congratulate us on finishing. We took our time but accomplished something great and didn't even come in last place!

I know it's cliche to compare running a 5k to other non-physical accomplishments (like getting a masters degree in LIS), but it's so true! We constantly push ourselves and get tired and weak but we've got plenty of people waiting at the finish line, ready to congratulate us! The feeling of finishing what you've started, no matter how slow or out of shape you are, is truly amazing.

I've signed up to run another 5k in December and I can't wait! My training starts tomorrow. Now if only I could be this enthusiastic about studying. I'd be super woman!


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