Breaking Down My Winter Break

My classes ended today, so I am officially 66% of a librarian. I need only twelve more credits (four more courses) to hit 100%. Yowzer. Next semester will entail two classes, a new internship, and continuing with my part-time public library job. My schedule will be similar to last semester’s, except for the welcome change of having two classes instead of three.

Speaking of change, last week I found myself twiddling my thumbs after submitting all of my final assignments. Over the course of the semester, I would come home from class and do a few hours of homework before heading to work. Last week, I came home and just sat there. I wasn’t lamenting my lack of homework, but it was strange to have a midweek chunk of free time. Am I going to go nuts during the twelve days before my Christmas celebrations start? (“On the seventh day of break, My boredom gave to me, Seven hours of reality tv.”) As much as I am looking forward to a reprieve from classes and homework and textbooks, I am worried that I will have too much down time. [Note: The fact that I’m even considering this an issue may mean that I have a few screws loose (or maybe too tight?), but that’s another story.]

Luckily, my internship starts tomorrow, and I might also be able to pick up some extra hours working at the library. It will be nice to have things do to – interning, working, and eventually spending time with friends and family – that will not involve homework or extracurricular commitments. Becoming 66% of a librarian has taught me that I would rather be diligent than dormant, and GSLIS has given me ample opportunities to evade inactivity. I recognize that dormancy levels will inevitably rise over break, but I don’t want to completely check out and set myself up for a rude awakening come my first class on January 14. I have every intention of enjoying a low-key, relaxing, and comfortably busy break in the company of family, friends, and libraries. Dormancy can expect to find a lump of coal in its stocking.


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