For a Snowy Day...

Well it’s starting to look a lot like winter. A blanket of snow, though very thin, was coating Simmons Campus yesterday. It was a day to stay inside and cuddle up with a coffee. Good thing I had a 25 page history paper to write or I might not have known what to do!

But if you are ever in the same position and need some librarian things to read here are some of my favorite librarian blogs/tumblrs/twitter feeds!

1.       The Art of Google Books

Regardless of where you stand on Google Books and their scanning project (and their horrible metadata), this tumblr is fun to look at. It includes pictures of some of the interesting things the employees come across in their scanning. Odd books, odd pictures, little written notes inside old books, stuff a library-history dual degree student drools over!

2.       Better Book Titles

Ever judged a book by its cover? Or by its title? This website posts book covers with new humorous titles that better explain the book.  One of my favorite submissions is actually a collection of books that might be more aptly titled; I’m on a Boat, including Huck Finn, Moby Dick, Heart of Darkness and Life of Pi. There must be something with old men and the sea.

3.       Airport Bookstore

This tumblr posts pictures of a particular book from different countries. It’s very intriguing how dramatically the covers of the same book can differ across the globe and what each focuses on. And of course, I just like pretty book covers.

4.       This is What a Librarian Looks Like

A favorite of many, I mentioned this in my last blog post but it’s worth another mention. A collection of photos submitted from librarians all over the world of themselves. Librarians don’t just wear pencil skirts and buns anymore!

5.       Fake Library Stats

A twitter feed of fake library stats that any librarian (or library student) can relate to.

Fake Library Stats @FakeLibStats

A librarian's chances of getting hired increase 250% for applications submitted with pictures of the applicants cats.

So there you have it! If you don’t have a good book to cozy up with (shame on you, visit your library!) then here are some booky links to occupy your time!


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