Technical Difficulties

There seems to be an assumption that all twenty-somethings are incredibly tech savvy.  I wish I could say I fit this stereotype, but in actuality I have a lot of room for improvement.  I don’t want to suggest that I am living in the stone age (I do have an iPhone and an iPad after all!), but troubleshooting gadget mishaps and searches more complex than Google can be baffling to me.  Truth be told, I was initially attracted to the library field because I thought it would be a way to escape technology.  Could I have been more wrong?  Technology is the backbone of this profession and it is crucial for librarians to keep up with constantly evolving new developments.  Although I am nowhere near where I need to be, I have become more open to experimenting with and embracing new technologies since starting at Simmons.

All new GSLIS students are required to take a self-guided course called the Technology Orientation Requirement (TOR for short) during their first semester.  The course takes you step by step through navigating the Simmons library website, using our online learning platform called Moodle, and creating a Wiki.  The program culminates with the creation of a personal website using HTML.  I have nearly completed the TOR and I have been impressed with how easy it has been so far.  I’ve been having some challenges with the final assignment, but I have found wonderful assistance from the tech lab on campus and plan to attend an HTML workshop early next month.

The professor in my Technology for Information Professionals class has encouraged us to be fearless when dealing with technology and I have finally started to embrace that mentality.  When trying new technology or attempting to problem-solve as I maneuver through new programs and advanced reference sites, I have been trying to take more risks.  Odds are the computer won’t spontaneously combust if I choose the wrong button.  The only way to learn is through trial and error, and adopting a fearless attitude is helping me tackle my technical difficulties with confidence.

My path to becoming a technologically savvy librarian is only just beginning and I have many more steps before I feel confident, but my mentality is changing and I am overcoming my fears- two very important steps!


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