Time to Face the Music

The holidays are over, which means there’s only one thing left: New Year’s resolutions. It seems like a lot of people are resolute about not making resolutions, while some think of January 1st as a yearly opportunity to set new goals. I generally tend to fall among the resolute "non-resolutioners," but right now I’d say that my 2013 resolution is to listen to more country music. Yesterday I spent forty dollars worth of iTunes gift cards (thanks, Santa!) solely on country tunes, so it seems I’m well on my way.

I was pretty proud of my aspiration to unearth my inner honky-tonk until I realized what my real resolution for 2013 should (and will) be: getting a job. This is arguably more of a necessary life activity and culmination of two years at GSLIS than a new year’s resolution, but I am pretty darn resolute about gaining employment. Suddenly the “Simmons GSLIS anticipated December 2013” line on my résumé seems slightly more imminent. I mean, December is a solid eleven months from now, but it will happen this year. Why am I wasting my time listening to twangy country crooners? I should be applying for jobs!

Just kidding. I’m not freaking out. Not yet. There’s no need to get too far ahead of myself here. I mean, December is a solid eleven months from now, so I have ample time to make myself a more desirable job candidate. If listening to country music is my 2013 resolution, then getting a job is my certified 2013 capital-R Resolution. Hopefully both endeavors will experience equal levels of success.


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