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It is snowing. AGAIN. I admit I am getting a little stir crazy. So far this weekend I've done homework in my bed, at my desk, in the tech lab, at my boyfriend's house, at Pete's Coffee (where I was continually interrupted by an adorable five year old next to me) and now I'm back in my room again. But come spring, oh come spring....i love to read outdoors in Boston! I'm the kind of person who if it's too quiet I can't focus. I think it has something to do with growing up with four younger siblings and a dog. So I love reading outside in the city there where there is just the right amount of noise, not enough to be overpowering but enough that I can't zone in on one conversation and get too distracted. So in anticipation of that, my next two posts will display my top ten favorite spots to read outside in Boston. All pictures are mine because I'm also that chick that snaps a cellphone shot every five feet.

Here's the first five of my favorite spots to read: 

1. Mckim Courtyard - Boston Public Library

The Mckim Courtyard nestled inside the Boston Public Library is a wonderful place to read and study. Of course it is also crowded much of the time. However that is easily compensated by the fact it's beautiful and on one side is the entire BPL library at your disposal and on the other is a lovely little cafe. The BPL Wi-Fi is accessible in the courtyard. There are tables in the shade under the arches and many places to sit on the steps.

2. Rowes Wharf

There are many places to sit at Rowes Wharf and all along the Harbor Walk, all providing lovely views of the harbor as well as planes descending into Logan Airport.

3. Boston Public Garden 

Boston Public Gardens, not to be confused with nearby Boston Commons, has a gorgeous pond (home of the famous swan boats) as well as many lovely flowers and weeping willows. There are many benches or bring a blanket and sit under the trees.

4. Christian Science Plaza

The large reflecting pool of the Christian Science Plaza is a lovely place to read. Benches are not as numerous as in other places of the city but the steps of church are also a good place to sit. Many of the entrances facing the pool are not used so one can park themselves on the steps.

5. John Joseph Moakley Courthouse

Across the water from Rowes Wharf and the Harbor Walk is the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse. It likewise has a beautiful view of the harbor as well as many benches. Right nearby is the The Daily Catch, a lovely seafood place with outdoor seating.

All pictures property of Jessica Bennett. Please ask for permission to use.

Stay tuned for the last half of the top ten...coming next week!


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