So Many Books, So Little Time

I have always prided myself on being well-read. I imagine most people considering a career in the library profession feel similarly. Starting the GSLIS program at Simmons has led me to question whether I really am the great reader I have always claimed to be. Sometimes it feels like all of my classmates are better readers than me.

One of my favorite classes this semester is Young Adult (YA) Literature with Professor Melanie Kimball. I love learning about working with young adults but this course is certainly putting my reading skills to the test. Along with professional development readings targeted towards young adult librarians, we are also required to read two or three YA books per week! So far I have enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with all of the readings but my speed and efficiency are being put to the test.

Although I have moments of insecurity because I do not feel as well-read as some of my classmates, one assignment allowed me to gain some perspective by making me spend time reflecting on everything I have already read. The assignment is called the reading autobiography and we were asked to discuss the role reading has played on our lives. To write this paper, I spent a great deal of time thinking about trends and patterns in my reading habits. Writing this paper allowed me to consider the importance I place on literature and realize what a constant presence the written word has been in my life. I may not have read every book on the list for my YA class but I have tackled my fair share of YA titles. I can’t be the only student in my class to occasionally feel daunted by how many books I have yet to read.

Just this week in class, I wrote down over sixteen titles I had never read. Of those sixteen I added seven to my list of must-reads. So while I arrived at class having crossed two more titles off my list, I left with a longer list than ever! Reading so many YA books over the course of just a few weeks has made me seriously consider the possibility of working with young adults as a career move. Although my list of books seems to increase exponentially I like the challenge of discovering as many new reads as possible across a multitude of genres.

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