Ready for Outdoor Reading, Part 2

Last week, I brought you my top five reading spots in Boston. This week, check out the next five best reading spots in the area!


6. Copley Square

Although busier than the inner courtyard, Copley Square outside of the Mckim Building also provides a nice place to read. There are benches around the green square which has the BPL on one end and Trinity Church on the other. There is also a fountain where one can dangle their feet in while reading on a hot day. However there are always splashing children around, so don't take a book you don't want a few stray drops of water on!

7. Emerald Necklace

If a quieter reading place is wanted there are many portions of the Emerald Necklace (Boston's chain of green spaces) that are more secluded. The above portion resides between Riverway and Longwood in the Back Bay area and has several benches interspersed throughout.

8. Boston Commons

For those who prefer more activity around them or some people watching, Boston Commons has both. Many times there are also musical performances taking place that can provide some nice background music.

9. Post Office Square

A lovely part of the Emerald Necklace, the Post Office Square also houses a sweet little cafe.

10. Harvard Medical Campus

Harvard Medical School has a lovely quad that has benches and tables. It's right up the street from the Simmons Academic Campus and is usually pretty empty on weekends. Beware of the stray frisbees however.

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