Restaurant Week

jpgOther than all things library and literary, I am also very passionate about food. I love exploring different restaurants and trying new things, I will eat just about anything. Although I'm absolutely loving library school thus far, I realize I've been spending nearly every waking moment thinking about school and need to spend a bit more time relaxing.

Enter restaurant week. Boston is a fantastic city with lots of fun events throughout the year and one of my favorites is restaurant week. Twice annually, once in March and again in August, this event is a time when many of the most exclusive and expensive restaurants in the city offer a limited three course menu at a fixed price, check out for more details!

Many of my friends enjoy food as much as I do and over the past few years we have developed a game around restaurant week to select our destination. We start an email chain where, after pouring over the menu selections online, we each list our top five or ten choices. These then get narrowed down by eliminating places someone has already been and overlapping suggestions. The ultimate goal is to choose a restaurant with a fantastic menu that none of us have already visited.

This year I broke my rule and went to a tried and true favorite, The Capital Grille. My partner in crime was one of my sorority sisters and we had a lovely lunch and a long overdue catch up session. Restaurant week is just one of many examples of the plethora of fun events around Boston for those times when you need a break from all things library.


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