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I think I'm a bit overdue for telling you about my courses this semester, so here goes. I am only taking two classes right now, as last May's weeklong class and last semester's independent study got me a bit ahead of the game. I'm pretty sure I have already referenced both of my current classes in some recent posts, but this post will serve as their official coming out party. Wahoo!

Mondays, 9am-noon - LIS 403; Evaluation of Library Services

This is currently a core class, and one that anyone who entered the program before Fall 2013 must take. That means that those of you who will be starting in the fall will not need to take this one...but you're going to hear about it anyway. The idea behind this class is that in order to optimize library services for both patrons and the library itself, librarians must perform evaluations on different library programs and processes. These evaluations can involve surveys, a case study, or action research, among other things, and are often lengthy and involved processes that, when done properly, can help improve a library's operations. I am taking this course in a "blended" format, which means that half the meetings are in person and half are online. This was my first foray into online classes, and I am very glad that I did it. I would recommend that everyone take a class that is at least part online, if only for the experience of having class without actually having to go to class. Not gonna lie, this has not been one of my favorite courses, but hey, at least you newcomers won't need to worry about it!

Wednesdays, 1-4pm - LIS 430; Business Information Sources and Services

As an aspiring corporate librarian, this course is right up my alley. It is essentially Reference 2.0, with a sole focus on business librarianship. (The prerequisite for this, and most other specialized reference-type courses, is LIS 407; Reference and Information Services.) So far I have learned about a boatload of business information sources including databases, government websites, sites on the free Web, books, periodicals, directories, and more. I have also learned about the business world, and this class has truly piqued my interest in the type of work that business/corporate librarians do. The semester-long final project is a report about a company of my choosing, which I am actually excited to be doing. The report will include a company overview, company history, industry overview, executives, financials, news, and more. Not gonna lie, this has been one of my favorite courses. This class is not for everyone, but if you have the opportunity to take classes in your specific area of interest, do it!

Only six more credits until I have the 36 that are necessary to graduate, but for you Fall 2013 entries, you'll need 39. Use those extra three wisely!

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