End of Semester and the Simmons Community


I run a Tumblr about news that I feel is pertinent to women. A few times I have tagged things #simmons college, like this picture I posted that I snapped at our residential-campus café the other night. Since I have tagged a few things as Simmons or have mentioned it in my posts I have gotten more than one note from high school girls wanting to know more about the Simmons atmosphere.

Unfortunately, I tell them that I am a Grad student and cannot provide much information about what type of classes they will take, what the undergrad events are like or even how roommate selection takes place. However I am always glad to be able to tell them that Simmons College has a diverse, warm and accepting culture. I see it in my limited interaction with the undergrad population, but also of course with the grad students in general and within my program.

Friday night was the end of the year semester party hosted by LISSA, one of the student library association groups. It was awesome! For no cost to me, I got to not only hang out with my friends, have food and beer (or wine) and play trivia but I also learned some things I didn't know about professors thanks to Simmons-themed questions AND won four IMAX tickets. Pretty good for walking a block from the dorms and paying nothing.

Even if it weren't free, it would be worth a fee to hang out with these cool people, students and professors, because both were there. Faculty were even here today on the residential campus for the celebration of May Day. 9 a.m. on a Sunday, his day off, Bob White was walking the res-campus sporting one of his marvelous hats to watch the festivities. I think that says a lot about the school. We are here after-hours, on our days off, whether or not we live on campus, just to be together and have fun!

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