Summer Slowdown

In my last post (which seems like ages ago), I posited that it would take a week or two for me to adjust to the semester being over. In retrospect, I think my estimate was off by, well, about a week or two. I adapted to my newfound classlessness in no time by picking up a few extra hours at the library and altering my internship schedule so I have Fridays off. In short, the real adjustment has been acclimating to three-day weekends, which, as you might expect, has not been all that much of a challenge.

The summer of 2013 won't be quite as liberating as that of 2012 when I wasn't working or taking classes, but it is not in my best professional or monetary interest to completely check out of the library world for another summer. (And frankly, three-day weekends are pretty liberating.) Plus, an unforeseen perk of my summer schedule is that I have more time to put toward my local Friends of the Library group. I spent the last two Friday afternoons helping with Friends-sponsored events, neither of which I could have done a few weeks ago because of my class schedule. It feels much better to be volunteering instead of sitting in class or doing homework.

When fall classes start in September, I'll be ready. In the meantime, I'll be spending this summer gently padding my résumé (and my wallet) while still having ample time for summer fun. 

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