Time to refuel...

fuel.jpgClasses ended on Monday.  Tuesday should have been a day to relax, but then there was that Call for Submissions that I had been thinking about for months, due on Wednesday...so between all the academic pursuits, my public library job, and my volunteer time at the men's prison library, I am only now coming up for air.

This semester was my most rigorous.  I only took two classes, but I balanced more than usual, as my cluttered house and cobwebs will attest.  My day job expanded, I added volunteering, started a regular exercise routine, and had some pet and family health issues.  I would be lying if I didn't admit to being exhausted.  I am sure my family and friends are tired of my response to most invitations, "In May...can't do anything before May."

I am not trying to scare you away.  Some great results came out of this:

I discovered minimalist running shoes, and my knees don't hurt anymore.

After 18 years of marriage, my husband learned to do laundry.

I found my calling in correctional librarianship.

I learned SO much...had truly THE best class of my GSLIS career.

And I have big plans for May:

Visit my adult daughter! She is in grad school, too, so we have only seen each other via Skype these last few months.

CLEAN and paint my study, if I can find it under the piles of journal articles, books, and just too much paper...

Let my husband continue with that laundry since he has gotten so good at it.

Get my gardens weeded and the veggies planted.

Do all that neglected socializing with family and friends.

And get ready for June, when summer classes begin!

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